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Member-Written Stories

We've got member-written stories unfolding as contributions are made to expand the tales. You control the plots, how they branch, and where - you and anyone else who wants to throw in their two cents worth. Actually, these aren't just one story each, but a whole tree of ideas (or, more likely, a tangled web), starting at a common point. Where's it going to go next? Who knows? Maybe you do!

How This Works

The links below take you to the start of a story. After reading the [first] section, you will see link(s) to other parts of the story. By following from one linked section to the next, you put together a story line as you read. These story are NOT meant to be read from top to bottom: There are multiple threads, with sections interspersed among each other, connected only by the links at the ends of the sections. It's possible to read the story in a linear fashion, but it probably won't make a lot of sense that way!

As you read through the story, you may come up with an idea of your own about how it should come out next, or a different twist to the plot. When you do, make a note of where in the story you want to create a branch. This can be either where there already is an existing branch, or even in the middle of one of the story segments - it's your choice, because it's your story! Simply write up your new story section as a plain ASCII text file, then send it to us, along with a description of where to put the branch (and which story you're working on). If you want to have your new addition end at an existing point in the story, tell us where that is, too. We will then update the story, usually within 24 hours, to include your piece of the plot, and send you an email notification of the addition (unless you indicate you don't want to receive the notice).

As more and more people get into the act, you will see "the plot thickens!" Enjoy!

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