. The L5 Development Group is a privately funded, for profit, commercial space exploration and development program. The L5 Development Group - Solutions in Space Garbage Collection and Recycling  

Garbage Collection and Recycling

In spite of its lackluster appearance, garbage disposal could also prove to be a viable way of financing part of the operating costs of our space program. With landfills reaching their capacities and communities resisting development of new ones, combined with concerns of pollution from seeping toxic wastes or air-born contamination from incineration, waste management is becoming an issue without a solution for much of the world. Well, I have an answer: We will, for a fee, ship the trash to space, so that the trash producers no longer have to worry about where it goes when they throw it away. There's lots of room on the Moon, for example, to build a landfill, and I would not hesitate to use some of the available space for that purpose.

On May 16, 1987, "Bobro 400," a barge carrying 3,200 tons of garbage, set sail from New York City, beginning an unsuccessful eight week search for a dumping site. If the L5 Trash Removal Company had been in business at the time, the barge would have had a much shorter duration, and completely successful, trip.

effects on the Lunar atmosphere

recycling effort

ship materials from Earth directly to L5


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