. The L5 Development Group is a privately funded, for profit, commercial space exploration and development program. The L5 Development Group - Solutions in Space space properties, condos, extraterrestrial real estate  

Space Properties

As we first announced on September 3, 2002, The L5 Development Group is investigating the feasibility of offering condominiums in its initial space colony to be constructed at L5. Tentative plans have been made for discussion purposes, with projected occupancy now set for starting in 2030. Once the various legal, administrative, and technical hurdles have been overcome, we will start soliciting deposits from interested parties. Anyone interested in being kept abreast of the effort should send an email message indicating their intent to condos@L5Development.com to receive news as it develops.

News about this project, and other off-world property offerings, will be posted on this page as it unfolds.


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