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Customer Service Department

One hundred percent customer satisfaction is our goal, whether you are just browsing through our Web site, purchasing a multibillion dollar solar power plant in geostationary orbit, or anywhere in between. Unfortunately, sometimes stuff happens, and our customers end up unhappy. Our Customer Service department is here to rectify any difficulties you encounter, so we can achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Please feel free to reach us through any of the methods available on our Business Contacts page, or by sending us email at CustService@L5Development.com with your concern.

Of course, if you are a happy customer, we would also certainly like to hear about it. Again, please feel free to reach us via the methods available on our Business Contacts page, or by sending us email at HappyCustomer@L5Development.com with your feedback.

This Web site, and the business behind it, are evolving and growing. We are adding new features and updating existing ones as time and resources permit. If you have an idea for something new, or constructive criticism how something here could be "better" than it is, please feel free to submit your thoughts through our Suggestion Box for consideration. We value our community's feedback, so your input will be given appropriate attention.

As The L5 Development Group's business grows, a wider range of options will be expected from our Customer Service department. Consequently, you will find more options on this page as new needs arise. If you feel there's something missing here, please let us know so we can address the issue.


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