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Vehicle and Operator Documents

One of the guiding principles of the L5 Nation is recognition of the right to travel through public spaces unimpeded as long as such travel does not intrude on the rights of others. In recognition of, and to facilitate that right, the L5 Nation will be issuing documents in satisfaction of motor vehicle laws and similar restrictions.

L5 Nation vehicle documents are NOT marketing ploys, novelty items, or gimmicks of any other kind. They are legal documents to be used to identify individuals operating vehicles, any additional skill levels they have been trained for, their property, and an assured maintenance level for their vehicle.

Our intent is to have the L5 Nation vehicle documents immediately recognized equally as valid as any other widely accepted form of identification. This may require changes of law in various jurisdictions, and is therefore somewhat beyond our control at this time. We are, however, working to correct the situation. Anyone inclined to or capable of offering assistance for the effort is requested to contact us as soon as possible.

The following types of motor vehicle and operator documents will be offered:

  • Driver identification cards
    A license is permission to do something which would otherwise be illegal. Since exercising a right cannot be made illegal, the concept of issuing driver licenses is invalid. The purpose of these docments is to identify a driver, not to give them permission to do something they already have a right to. A driver ID card is not required for vehicle operation in public space, but is strongly suggested to establish the owner's identity, for example, if a vehicle is stolen.
  • Driver ability certificates
    Working in conjunction with driver training firms, the L5 Nation will issue certificates in recognition or confirmation of special skill achievements. These certificates are not required to operate a vehicle in any particular manner in public space, unless the operator voluntarily enters into a contract requiring one. They are merely to provide assurance to prospective employers, for example, that an individual has had documented training for a particular purpose.
  • Vehicle registrations
    Just as a driver ID card is not required to drive, a vehicle registration is not required for its use while traveling through public space: The only requirement is that its use does not intrude on the rights of other members of the community at large. Like a driver ID card, however, vehicle registrations are strongly suggested, to facilitate their recovery if they are stolen, for example, or to allow other motorists to contact their owner to report unsafe conditions the owner may not have been aware of.
  • Vehicle inspection certificates
    Working in conjunction with vehicle inspection and certification firms, the L5 Nation will issue inspection certificates for vehicles as assurance to their owners and other interested parties that the vehicles can be expected to operate in a safe and reasonable manner. These certificates are not required to operate a vehicle in public spaces. They are issued merely for informational purposes, to identify a minimum level of maintenance quality is being maintained. If sufficient interest is expressed, various levels of inspection may be offered to document quality maintained above and beyond the minimum accepted level.

In addition to motor vehicle documents, the L5 Nation will be issuing similar papers for other classes of transport vehicles. These will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • wheelchairs, bicycles, and other human-powered contrivances
  • rail vehicles
  • water vessels
  • ground effect transports
  • aircraft
  • spaceships
  • new technologies as they are developed

Persons wishing to purchase a operator identification card from the L5 Nation will be required to provide sufficient proof to establish their identity, and to agree to abide by the laws and guiding principles of the L5 Nation. Please refer to the Colonial Government section of this Web site for more information about our legal structure.

Those wishing to register their vehicles with the L5 Nation will be required to provide proof of ownership, including a record of any outstanding liens on the vehicle.

We are in the process of establishing our operator and vehicle document programs. If you are interested in being kept abreast of the progress, please fill in the form below and/or send an email inquiry indicating your intent. We will advise you of the status of our program and of your application requirements.

Please use the following form to request priority for this page. None of the fields are required (unless you wish to be notified when this page is updated), but we would like to know who you are, to help us have a better understanding of our community. We would therefore appreciate it if you fill this form in as completely as you are comfortable with. Any information you submit on this form will be held in the strictest confidence.


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